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Literacy at Cavendish


At Cavendish School, we understand the relevance and significance of Literacy skills from EYFS to GCSE and beyond. With this in mind, we strive to make every teacher a teacher of Literacy; equipping staff with the skills needed to deliver engaging and challenging lessons and teach pupils how to be resilient and independent in their written and spoken work. We approach this in a number of ways, and are constantly adapting and exploring strategies to suit our learners.

In the secondary school, some approaches we have include:

Fix It Friday: Pupils and staff check their work from the week for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors; these are then ‘fixed’.

Tutor Time Reading: Tutors model reading to their group; this is done through a series of non-fiction texts, in order to promote the skills that reading entails as well as discussion and oracy around different topics. This is further supported with our use of First News.

Reading for Pleasure: Our library is at the heart of the school, and is equipped with thousands of books, along with knowledgeable librarians. KS3 have a lesson in the library at least once a fortnight, and are encouraged to take a book home to read and enjoy. Pupils also have access to ePlatform, an online audiobook library.

Reading Ages: KS3 classes are tested three times a year and this data is used alongside their current performance to track where interventions and enrichments may be needed. 


of pupils achieved 9-4 in English.

After School programs


of pupils achieved 9-4 in Maths.

Years Established

Celebrating Success

The staff and governors of Cavendish wish to congratulate all of our Year 11 pupils for the fantastic GCSE grades they have achieved this year.

Headteacher, Peter Marchant said, "The grades that our pupils have achieved are a reflection of their hard work throughout their time at the school and they can rightly feel proud of what they have achieved through these  challenging times."