Cavendish School Virtual Taster Day 2020

Welcome to The Cavendish School
Welcome to the Cavendish school ‘virtual’ transition day. We hope that you find it informative and that it gives you a taster of what Cavendish is like before you join us in September. We have designed a range of video tours and introductions with key members of staff as well as a range of lessons that you can experience.

1. Meet our headteacher Mr Marchant
2. Introduction - Meet the Year 7 team - 1min 42sec [VIDEO]
3. Welcome from Mrs Catterick (Year 7 Progress Leader) - 2min 38sec [VIDEO]
4. Welcome from Mrs Jarvis (Year 7 Guidance Leader) - 0min 36sec [VIDEO]
5. Meet the tutors
We have six fantastic tutors linked to the year group. There will be time each morning that you spend with your tutor to get set up for the day. They will be the main person you can ask questions to if you have any. You should have all received your packs now showing who your tutor will be in September.
5.1 7ACO - Miss Cobby - 0min 45sec [VIDEO]
5.2 7CJA - Mr Jackson - 0min 46sec [VIDEO]
5.3 7CSU - Miss Sutton - 1min 13sec [VIDEO]
5.4 7ISW - Mr Swingler - 1min 30sec [VIDEO]
5.5 7JSH - Mrs Shearer - 1min 31sec [VIDEO]
5.6 7STO - Miss Tompsett - 0min 57sec [VIDEO]
6. The school day

The normal school day looks like the following:

  • 8.40am – Tutor Time
  • 9.10am – Period 1
  • 10.10am – Period 2
  • 11.10am – Breaktime
  • 11.35am – Period 3
  • 12.35pm – Period 4
  • 1.35pm – Lunchtime
  • 2.10pm – Period 5
  • 3.10pm – End of the school day
7. Tour of Cavendish
8. Map of Cavendish

9. Uniform
10.1 Art
10.2 Computer Technology
10.3 Design Technology
10.4 English

10.5 Food Technology
10.7 History

10.8 Maths

10.9 MFL

10.10 Music
10.11 PE and Dance

10.12 Photography
10.13 Science

11. Special Educational Needs

Welcome to the Learning Support Section.

If you have received extra support at your primary school or think that you may need some extra help at secondary school, this section is for you!

The Learning Support department would like to invite you to meet the team and take an extra mini tour of the school. In order to do this you will need to complete ‘The Quest’ by clicking on the link. Once you have completed ‘The Quest’, we would like you to tell us a little bit more about you by filling in the pupil voice. This will help us to help you when you join us in September.

Good luck with The Quest!

Ms T Moore, (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)

11.1 SEN virtual activity - ‘The Quest’
12 Upload your completed work