Happy New Year from the Exams Office!
The Year 11 students are being kept very busy preparing for their GCSE examinations in the summer and as part of this preparation they have already completed a set of mock examinations. In the last week of January, they will be doing another set, which we call the pre-public exams, and they have already been emailed with details of times and dates.
By the time you read this, you should have received your own email with these details, to help with preparation for the examinations.
In February, members of the teaching staff will be making the decision as to how to enter the pupils and the results of the mocks and the pre-publics will both be taken into consideration.

I am keen to have any feedback on the communications I send out, or indeed any aspect of the examinations set-up at the school, and would be happy for anyone to contact me on: exams@cavendish.e-sussex.sch.uk or by phone on 01323 746513 – Dave Creighton, Examinations Officer