During the Easter holiday, the Primary Phase was a hive of industry!

Firstly, the Atrium on the first floor was enclosed with glass panelling, thereby allowing pupils access to the first floor Reading Lounge, now fully equipped with chairs, bean-bags, sofas, and books. Thanks to Mr Palframan, Miss Jackson and Mr Brown for our two beautifully organised, fully furnished Year 3 classrooms. Being able to expand into the rest of the Primary Phase building is very exciting for all of the primary phase pupils and staff. The Year 3 pupils are demonstrating excellent behaviour for learning in their new classrooms and around all of the school, keeping the Golden Rule “We Look After Property, We Do Not Waste or Damage Things!” Well done Year 3s!

Some of you may have also noticed that the playground has now been marked up with a variety of lines, numbers, letters, spots and splats, to support interactive play and break-times, including two football/basketball pitches, basketball posts and football goals! The pupils are enjoying seeing the grey tarmac slowly emerging into a fun and active area which supports their play, sport and social time. Thank you to all of you and to the PTA who have raised funds to make this happen.

We would now like to continue to raise funds for a Trim Trail, Climbing or Traversing Wall and Amphitheatre! Look out for further PTA fundraising events including the Quiz Night on Friday 19 May and our Summer Fair on Saturday 24 June!