Withdrawal from Learning – term time absences and holidays

On Thursday 6 April 2017 the Supreme Court announced their ruling in the Platt versus Isle of Wight case. The Supreme Court ruled against Mr Platt. A Department for Education spokeswoman said; “We are pleased the Supreme Court unanimously agreed with our position – that no child should be taken out of school without good reason. The evidence shows every extra day of school missed can affect a pupil’s chances of achieving good GCSEs which has a lasting effect on their life chances.” Taking a child out of school during term time disrupts both their education and the education of other pupils in their class. Every child has the right to a full time education in order to achieve their potential. If you are considering withdrawing your child from learning during term time, please complete a Withdrawal from Learning Application and return it to the school. The Head teacher will make a decision about the request and you will be advised accordingly. If the absence is not authorised we will request that a Fixed Penalty Notice be issued.

Exams Notice

With exams coming up for both Year 10 and Year 11, please ensure that your child is prepared with the correct equipment needed to every exam. Please ensure that this is done, as we cannot guarantee to be able to supply equipment. For all their exams, all candidates should bring a:

  • black biro (with a spare)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • eraser
  • scientific calculator (can be used in any exam apart from non-calculator Mathematics).

For Mathematics exams, candidates should also bring a:

  • protractor
  • pair of compasses.

For Food Technology, Graphics, Textiles, Product Design and Film Studies candidates should also bring a:

  • set of at least four different coloured pencils.

Failure to bring equipment causes disruption in the exam room. Additionally, candidates may feel disadvantaged by using borrowed equipment they are not familiar with.


At Cavendish School, we believe that safeguarding our young people is our main priority. Should you have any queries on our safeguarding procedures, please visit our website where you can find our ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy’.