We have updated the attendance information on our school website. This can be located under the Key Information tab: Policies : Guidance Documents. Please take a moment to read this information and contact if you have any concerns or queries. Also, look out for the attendance letter sent out to all parents at the end of last term. A copy can be found on the website.


At Cavendish School, we believe that safeguarding our young people is our main priority. Should you have any queries on our safeguarding procedures, please visit our website where you can find our ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy’.

Students use of mobile phones

Please can all parents/carers remind their son/daughter of the need for them to only use their mobile phones in the clearly defined areas of the school at the allowed times (before/after school and at break times). Under no circumstances should pupils be walking around the main building with their phones out. Unfortunately, too much staff time is being spent challenging a minority of pupils over their use of phones around the school site. It is important that all of the pupils at Cavendish practice a mature approach to the use of their phone in a school environment.