EduLink One

Edulink One is an online system that can be accessed through a browser or app that allows parents to log in and view their pupil/pupil’s live information.

How can I log in as a parent?

As a parent you will have received an email or letter to the address you have registered on our system that will provide your username for EduLink One and a link to create a password. Please check your spam and junk email folders as depending on different email provider settings the message may be there.

On the login screen, there is a field for School ID, enter Cavendish into this field.

You can log into EduLink One through any browser or through the app which is available on IOS and Android. Search for ‘EduLink One’ on the Apple IOS store for Apple phones or do the same on the Google Play Store for Android phones.

Key Features


Your pupil’s achievement points.


A summary of your pupil’s attendance by month and academic year.


In the noticeboard section you will be able to view whole school letters that are applicable to your pupil and school newsletters.

Update Information

If you have a change of information relating to you or your pupil you can update it here.


View your pupil’s lesson timetable for the week.

Absence Reporting

If your pupil is going to be absent you can use this feature to alert our attendance officer.

Parents Evening Booking

You can book appointments to see teachers for parents evenings here. Please note that the events will only show when bookings open.


Monitoring reports will be available to view here.

How To Guides

Absense Reporting

Please notify the school if your pupil is unwell on each day of their absence. The date, hour and minute needs to be selected for the start and the end of the absence period. A full reason should be provided for the absence and the details submitted to the school by clicking the ‘Send’ button. Should evidence supporting an absence be required,
this can be attached using the paperclip symbol. In the App, a parent can switch between their pupil using the symbol.


A parent can view their pupil’s attendance data by month and by academic year. In the web browser, a parent can click on ‘Statutory Month’ or ‘Statutory Academic Year’ to view the relevant data.

If your pupil is absent from school due to illness, please notify the school before 8:30am using the ‘Absence Reporting’ function in EduLink One.


The ‘Behaviour’ area of EduLink displays the pupil’s behaviour record and any detentions that are set. In the web browser and in the app, a parent can click on ‘Behaviour Records’ to view the relevant data.


The ‘Contacts’ area of EduLink displays a parent’s own information.

These details cannot be amended in the ‘Contacts’ area. A parent can request that their details are amended in the Update Personal Details, area of EduLink.


The ‘Exams’ area of EduLink displays the pupil’s examination timetable and examination entries.


The ‘Messages’ area of EduLink can be found at the bottom of the screen.

To begin a new message, you will need to click on the Green New Message button. Next you will need to select your pupil. Once selected click the next steps button.

Sending a message

Here is where you pick the recipient of your message. Depending on who you want to send to, you can pick from the relevant boxes. To select or deselect teachers just click on the green tick. Then click the Green Next Steps button.

Next you fill in the Message Subject Box and the main message box with the information you wish to send. You can also click on the paper clip to attach a file if needed. Once that’s all filled out you can click the send button.

Parents’ Evening Booking

The ‘Parents’ Evening Booking’ area of EduLink allows you to book appointments. Please note that information will only show here if the booking system is currently live and open. Once you have selected the Parents’ Evening you will be attending, you will need to book time slots. You can then access the booking on line or a paper copy by clicking the print button.


The ‘Timetable’ area of EduLink displays the pupil’s class timetable.

In the web browser, a parent can click on the relevant day of the week to view their pupil’s timetable for that day of the week. In the app, a parent can swipe over the day to change the day of the week. A parent can use the drop down menu which defaults to ‘This week’ to view the following week’s timetable.

Update Personal Details

The ‘Update Personal Details’ area of EduLink enables a parent to request an amendment to their own / their pupil’s personal details.

In the web browser, a parent can click on the relevant individual to view the editable fields. An editable field can be amended at any time and the requested amendments submitted to the school by clicking the ‘Save’ button. The requested amendments are reviewed by the school before the data is updated in EduLink.

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