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Our principal aim when teaching Maths in the Primary Phase is to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 for the teaching and learning of mathematics. It is also our intent to give pupils a consistent and smooth progression of learning in all key areas of Mathematics across all year groups and for all learners.

Concrete, Visual, Abstract:
A key principle behind the Singapore Maths and Maths Mastery is based on the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. Pupils are first introduced to an idea or skill by acting it out with real objects (a hands- on approach). Pupils are then moved onto the pictorial stage, where they are encouraged to relate the concrete understanding to pictorial representations. The final abstract stage is a chance for pupils to represent problems by using mathematical notion. Whilst our intent is to apply the CPA approach to all maths learning, it is not always noted further up the year groups. However, it is expected that the CPA approach is used continuously in all new learning and calculations even when not noted.

Pupils are taught strategies to develop and strengthen their mental agility on a daily basis . They also need to be able to apply written calculation skills in order to:

  • represent work that has been done practically
  • support, record and explain mental calculation
  • keep track of steps in a longer task
  • work out calculations that are too difficult to do mentally

By the end of Year 2, pupils should know number bonds to 20 and be precise in using and understanding place value. Children should be able to fluently recall their 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x table by and be able to recall the related division facts.
Pupils should read and spell mathematical vocabulary, appropriate to their level.

Key Stage 1

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of pupils achieved 9-4 in English.

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of pupils achieved 9-4 in Maths.

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Celebrating Success

The staff and governors of Cavendish wish to congratulate all of our Year 11 pupils for the fantastic GCSE grades they have achieved this year.

Headteacher, Peter Marchant said, "The grades that our pupils have achieved are a reflection of their hard work throughout their time at the school and they can rightly feel proud of what they have achieved through theseĀ  challenging times."