Our all-through curriculum

At Cavendish our curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced so that pupils in all phases have a wide range of educational experiences whilst maintaining a strong focus on ensuring that all pupils have the highest levels of numeracy and literacy.

Staff across both phases work together to develop best practice in teaching and learning by  understanding how each stage of education builds upon the previous one and ensuring that all staff have the highest expectations of our pupils.

As a through school we have the unique opportunity to develop an integrated curriculum which enables pupils in all phases to have educational experiences that they would not have in other schools. This means that pupils in the Primary Phase are able to access expertise and facilities in subject such as PE, Design Technology and Computing which they would not have elsewhere. In the Secondary Phase pupils are able to experience hands on learning in subjects like Health and Social Care where they can have first hand experience working with younger children which immeasurably enhances their learning and develop leadership skills in subjects such as PE where Sports Captains organise sports events for younger pupils.

The Four Pillars of Learning

Teaching and Learning at Cavendish School is based around our Four Pillars of Learning: Challenge, Engagement, Feedback and Independent Learning. The concept of our pillars is consistent from EYFS through to Year 11, with its success criteria becoming more challenging as pupils mature.

Pre-School and Reception

Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5,6 and Secondary

Our pupils and teachers created the pillars in 2016, based on John Hattie’s research on Effect Sizes (a leading researcher of education, who conducted extensive research into the influences of effective teaching and learning). The pillars underpin our:

  • Approach to learning
  • Planning of lessons
  • Reward system and competitions Assemblies
  • Monitoring systems