2017 Aegon International Eastbourne 23rd June – 1st July

Ball crew must be available for all of these dates.


The Tournament

  • Expected to make your own way to and from Devonshire Park
  • You will need to wear your full ball crew kit and pass in order to enter the grounds.
  • Security is tight and important for your safety.
  • The days can be long from 9.30am-9pm.
  • Once you are at the park you are there all day or until dismissed by a teacher.


  • You will work in teams of 6-9, each day might be a different team.
  • There will be a captain who is trustworthy and responsible.
  • Captains will inform you when to go for breaks and lunch, they will also inform you when you can go home and whether your team are wearing jackets/ trousers.
  • Food is provided at the park for all crew. I would suggest bringing extra water and snacks.
  • Ball crew room.
  • Behaviour – You are in the public eye all day, your behaviour must be impeccable. TV cameras, photographers, Eurosport show it all day. BBC show it later in the week.

Training for the Tournament

  • New crew begin training after the February half term.
  • Training nights will be Monday and Thursday.
  • Training will be at school 3.15pm – 4.30pm.
  • Crew will need their PE kit for training.
  • Every session is part of the selection process at any stage we might tell you that you are not needed further in the process. Inform us of any appointments, but please be aware that if this falls on a training night you might be eliminated from the process.
  • New crew will start with one session per week that will build up to three per week.

Experienced Crew

  • Experienced crew will not be needed to train (unless they want to) until after the Easter holidays.
  • Experience crew training will be at Hampden Park on a Wednesday night 6-8pm.
  • Experienced crew are welcome to help at the school sessions on a Monday and Thursday night.
  • Boys there may be a couple of sessions with Moira House crew – you will be expected to make your own way there and be picked up.

New Crew Training will start on 20th or 23rd February!