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I would like to invite you to this evening so that you can be updated on your child’s progress in various subjects. Please bring your son/daughter with you as we find it very useful to speak openly with students and parents at this stage. Subject staff will appreciate any comments you are able to make which would help us to improve our profile communications with parents.

We have introduced an internet booking system and would like parents to make appointments online. This will give parents greater control in booking an appointment by using the link provided on our website: The link will also be emailed to all parents for whom we hold an email address. Any parents without access to the internet should contact tutors or Miss McAtamney, and appointments will be arranged for them.

Would you please check the Data Checking Sheet which will be sent home with your child, amend if necessary, and return it as soon as possible. Please ensure we have an up to date e-mail contact to ease communication. I (Year 7 Progress Leader) will be available during the evening, should you wish to speak to me.

Health and Safety regulations require that we know when people are in the building, in case of fire for example. In order to achieve this there will be an alphabetical list on a table in the Reception area. Please enter the time you arrive and also the time you leave against your child’s name. Thank you for your help in this matter. We look forward to seeing you on 12 March 2015.

Yours sincerely

Miss R McAtamney Progress Leader – Year